DJ Daddy Summer House 2015

This DJ Daddy mix was recorded completely live in front of a nightclub audience somewhere in America! Long live the real DJ!
DJ Daddy Summer House 2015 live DJ mix available for free download now

Summer House 2015 was recorded LIVE in front of a packed house in Denver, CO in July 2015. This is a fun and funky mix plucked from a complete night’s recording. It’s fun and groovy – guaranteed to keep the party going or take you pool party to the next level.

Like other DJ Daddy mixes there is no track editing or correction. I hit record and and let the funk do the rest. This is truly a LIVE recording of my entire set – Enjoy!

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As always, DJ Daddy’s mix tapes are mixed live in a single take with no track editing or correction. Enjoy, leave feedback, and please share the link to my downloads!

Track List…

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