DJ Daddy Bio & Booking Info


‘DJ Daddy’ is a professional DJ/VJ/Event Emcee based in Denver, CO and focused on the bar & nightclub industry. MY career in the entertainment business has been truly diverse. Long before the “digital DJ” revolution, I was dragging turntables and vinyl all over the country as a dance floor rocking, headlining DJ; before it was so damn easy to call yourself a DJ.

I have been smoking dance floors of all shapes and sizes with my natural mixing ability and an uncanny knack for playing the right type of music to any crowd for 20 years. The advancement of technology has only made me that much more dangerous. I was already well ahead of his peers with his dance-floor-oriented mixing skills and mic work. Add in the ability to mix music videos, rapidly load the next track, carry thousands more songs, and add multiple decks and you have a new recipe for excitement.

The addition of live video mixing to my arsenal has created a whole new dynamic. DJ Daddy is a dance floor DJ / VJ; playing dance music of all types; Top 40, Hip-Hop, House, Dance, Electronica, etc.

What Kind Of Music Does DJ Daddy Play?

I am an open format DJ. This means that I will generally not stick to one genre or tempo. Of course, I have played countless events where the format was limited to one style or genre of music. My playlist is completely customizable to the venue If your nightclub is a Top40 EDM venue, then I will mold my night around that format. One of the things that has kept me relevant and successful for 20 years in this business is my ability to adapt to a venue, or crowd, rapidly and effectively.

Having the vast and very dynamic experience that I have, I mold the music for every event to the kind of venue, city, event type, etc in front of me. DJ Daddy can walk into any venue and blow the doors off.

The true DJ Daddy nightclub experience is wide open. Just listen to the broad spectrum of mix tapes available on this site. You will hear many genres of music, up tempo and down tempo, remixes, Top 40, Hip-Hop, many EDM genres, etc.

DJ Daddy’s Experience?

I have always played as a headliner. I have held recurring headlining gigs (residencies) in various places across the U.S.; far too many to mention here. I always prefers to play the bulk of the night, and run my mic, as opposed to a single hour long set.

But that is really just a fraction of my total professional experience. Over the decades, I have played almost every type of event imaginable. Through owning and operating one of the largest mobile DJ operations on the southeastern United States, my event & crowd experience is broad and very dynamic. I have been involved in live radio (traditional terrestrial and internet-based) throughout my career – as  recurring guest DJ, mix DJ, on-air talent, etc; and as a show host and live on-air talent. I have consulted many many bar & nightclub ventures spanning the country – ventures of all shapes and sizes.

Microphone Skills

I have been just as successful as a voice talent as I have as a DJ. Beyond being an FM and Internet Radio on-air talent, brands like Hooters, Hawaiian Tropic, Strikehard Mixed Martial Arts, Group III, and more have relied on DJ Daddy to provide emcee services for live events as well as countless T.V. and radio programs, advertising voice overs, program hosting and content, and more. DJ Daddy is truly your one stop for successful nightclub DJ entertainment.

In a nightclub environment, my mic skills mean that your bartenders will ring more, and collect more tips. I will engage your crowd and keep the energy level hot all night. Running a wireless mic is a standard component to any DJ Daddy event.

Video Mixing?

Video is a dynamic and exciting visual effect when executed properly. If you venue is equipped I will provide video mixing as a standard component to any DJ Daddy show. Video mixing brings the best of both worlds to your venue. If your venue is equipped and I am mixing video there are two key points…

#1 – I carry an extensive collection of music videos. In most cases, this collection of music videos gives me the ability to display that actual music video for that song. The audio is the same it would be otherwise. Mixing music videos just adds another layer of visual effect and excitement to your venue.

#2 – I also produces my own stock, or ambient, videos because a large portion of the music I play (exclusive remixes, mashups, underground artist, etc.) comes from sources that do not produce any kind of related music video. So my ambient video fills the gaps and keep the screens alive all night. These ambient videos are produced from a very wide range of materials including movie/TV clips, dance & twerk videos, computer generated visual effects, festival/crowd footage, etc to keep that visual effect fluid and fun regardless of what track I am playing.

I can also cut your logo into these videos in animated and dynamic ways. We tend to do this for long-term clients. If that is something you are interested in, just let us know!

If your venue is not equipped for video, that is perfectly ok. Video is a nice little perk but not a necessity.

Why Do They Call Him DJ Daddy?

“I have been asked a thousand times why they call me DJDaddy. Well, here it is – the name came from a local radio personality (Speed Racer from the Rick & Bubba Show) doing some emcee work in Industry many years ago. He needed something new to call me; and it just so happened that my son was born the same day he started in the bar. So DJDaddy was born!” – DJDADDY


I am Denver based and ready to travel. I am available for bookings worldwide, 365 days per year. I am very easy to book, very easy to deal with, and very interested in maintaining good, long-term, professional relationships with all of my clients and venues.


Availability fluctuates throughout the year as I have standing nightclub residencies and several other business ventures that demand my time as well. General speaking, availability needs can be accommodated given a little notice and coordination.

Short notice is not always easy to accommodate but we will certainly do our best.


Travel expenses are the responsibility of the client; but I have no limitation on where or when he will travel for a gig. Being Denver, CO based, I can get to almost anywhere quickly and efficiently. It is always in our scope to keep the additional costs of booking DJ Daddy to a minimum. There are no crazy requirements or outlandish request.

Rates & Details

Rates are determined by event date, equipment needs, frequency, etc. I value long-term relationships with my clients and will work out a sweet deal for recurring and regular bookings. Contracts are required and payment is due at the time of the event. For an exact quote, call or email.

Equipment Needs

I am a Serato DJ/VJ that uses the best in technology to push his shows to the next level. I require Rane, Pioneer, or Allen & Heath mixers with on-board Serato capabilities. Technic turntables or CDJ-900/CDJ-2000’s are required. I will provide an HDMI or VGA video output connection to send the video mix through your displays. Ample DJ booth monitors are also a requirement. A professional grade wireless mic is always a plus as well.

If you don’t have this equipment, that’s ok. Get in touch anyway and we can make something work.