DJ Daddy In The Mix Vol 1 (Feb 1999)


ITM 1 CD Updated

This is the Live Mix that started it all. In February of 1999, The Industry was about a year old and was breaking out as a legitimate nightclub phenomenon. I was buying records that would soon become the soundtrack to a generation of clubbers. In The Mix Volume #1 was originally long lost. I produced it and then quickly produced Volume #2. Popular music, at the time, was changing rapidly. So I needed to produce another mix that showcased that changing sound.

I had no idea at the time that what I was mixing was going to be so impactful on so many people. The fact that I still get request for this series of mix tapes over 15 years later is incredibly powerful.

If you were there, you understand. You still get goose bumps thinking about it. The music causes a flood of memories and emotions. If you weren’t there, words just don’t describe it.

This mix was originally produced in February of 1999 at the infamous Industry Nightclub in Birmingham, AL. This mix, and the series as a whole, was recorded live and raw in front of a massive nightclub crowd that routinely numbered in the thousands on Saturday night. Digital audio was a high-end undertaking at this time. CD burners were very expensive and almost nobody had one. There was no MP3 or Seato. We were mixing vinyl and CD’s – before the advent of CDJs – when a DJ had to possess a massive skill set. Simply creating this mix on CD was quite an achievement. Couple that with the fact that my DJ career was in it’s infancy at the time and you have a strange combination of circumstances that will likely never be seen again.

This series of live mix tapes was incredibly popular back then and is still highly sought after today. This mix series was recorded live in front of record breaking nightclub crowds in Birmingham, AL.

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